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CCH is now offering a full range of high quality eBook titles for sale through this website’s online store, covering the tax, legal and human resources portfolios.

New eBook titles will continue to be added throughout the year to complement CCH’s substantial catalogue of print titles for the professional.

These eBooks replicate the content of their print edition equivalent while offering the additional value of quick link navigation and access from tables of content, paragraph references and index entries.

Our recommended eReader applications - Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader - will also give you the ability to access additional features including:

§  bookmarking,
§  inserting notes,
§  highlighting text
§  altering font types and sizes
§  links to external website content [Adobe Digital editions]
§  links to tools such as calculators in applicable titles [Adobe Digital Editions]

eBook Format and Rights Management

CCH eBooks are created in the EPUB format with Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied on top of each EPUB file.

EPUB is an open standard, non-proprietary file format that is currently the most widely supported file type for eBooks. The EPUB format reflows the text according to screen size, giving the reader a wide choice of reading devices, from smart phones and tablets through to desktop computers. 

CCH eBooks are converted directly into EPUB files from our content management system – rather than from basic PDFs – and this allows the reader to experience the full enhancements of the EPUB format including full linking functionality, text reflowing, navigation implementation and accurately rendered graphics.

Adobe DRM is the digital protection that enables the purchaser to transfer the eBook between the devices of his or her choice while preventing unauthorised file sharing.

To find out more about compatible devices and applications for CCH eBooks click here

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