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CCH and the environment

The Green Team

"If you think you are too small to be effective you have never been in bed with a mosquito" - Betty Reese

The Green Team is a group of Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific staff members committed to minimising the Company's environmental impact. Representative's from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia hold monthly meetings to agree on projects aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, in our office and further afield.

A number of initiatives have already been implemented, including:


  • Lighting - use of energy efficient bulbs and timer switches for after hours lighting
  • Water - use of a recycling tank, reduction in water flow / use in bathrooms
  • Recycling bins - for glass, plastic, aluminium and paper
  • New PCs have been upgraded in Australia with Energy Smart feature. The CO2 emissions avoided amount to some 166.56 tonnes
  • Email encouraging staff to use double-sided printing, turn off computer screens, equipment and lights in meeting rooms when not in use.


  • Encouraging customers to move from print to online products
  • The Master OHS & Environment Guide, 2nd edition was printed on 100% recycled paper

Baseline Measurement 

An external body was selected to measure CCH Australia's people, paper, power, air travel and land travel (the five major contributors to carbon emissions) to arrive at a baseline carbon footprint. This will enable us to identify what improvements need to be made to help CCH become carbon neutral or carbon positive. 


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