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This article appeared in the Discontinued - Australian Employment and HR Tracker - Intelliconnect Archive (2010-2013)
Executive attitudes on diversity positive, but actions lagging

A resounding 96% of executives that participated in a global survey believe that having a diverse and inclusive workforce can improve employee engagement and business performance. However, while executive attitudes are positive, the poll shows that businesses need to do more to promote inclusion. While 72% of executives said their organisations have Diversity and Inclusion programs, only 23% said their firms give senior executives financial incentives to promote inclusion.

The diversity survey was conducted by the Korn/Ferry Institute in August 2013, among executives globally registered with the institute’s online Executive Centre.

Oris Stuart, a senior partner in Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, said the organisation was “encouraged that nearly all of the executives surveyed recognize having a diverse and inclusive workplace gives them a strategic advantage in the marketplace”.

“At the same time, there’s work to do in holding managers and leaders accountable and creating incentives”, said Stuart.

Detailed results include:

  • • Do you think having a diverse and inclusive workforce can lead to higher employee engagement and improved business results? Yes — 96%; No — 15%; Don’t know — 3%.
  • • Does your organisation have a strategy in place to drive employee engagement? Yes — 70%; No — 28%; Don’t know — 2%.
  • • Does your company have a strategy or program in place that promotes diversity and inclusion? Yes — 72%; No — 24%; Don’t know — 4%.
  • • Do management performance appraisals include a component for success in effectively managing diversity? Yes — 52%; No — 43%; Don’t know — 5%.
  • • Does your organisation have a diverse mix of leaders? Yes — 64%; No — 36%.
  • • Is executive compensation at your organisation tied to diversity goals? Yes — 23%; No — 71%; Don’t know — 6%.

Source: Korn/Ferry International.

This news appeared in the US Intelliconnect HR Tracker 6/11/2013.

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