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This article appeared in the Discontinued - Australian Employment and HR Tracker - Intelliconnect Archive (2010-2013)
Aon releases 2013 terrorism risk data for business

Aon Risk Solutions has released its 10th annual Terrorism and Political Violence Map to help companies assess risk levels of political violence and terrorism.

According to the map, the risk for Australia and New Zealand (as well as Botswana, Uruguay, Greenland, Iceland and Finland) is negligible.

However, the map points to continued global threats of a terrorist attack or political violence, as 44% of countries measured have an identifiable risk of terrorist attacks. This trend is especially prevalent in African and the Northern African countries.

Despite 19 countries showing improved terrorism and political violence ratings, including the UK and Germany, data and analysis reflected by the map suggest continued and growing awareness is needed for businesses looking to expand.

The three perils measured indicate the different forms of political violence most likely to be encountered by businesses: terrorism and sabotage; strikes, riots, civil commotion and malicious damage to property; and insurrection, revolution, rebellion, mutiny, coup d’etat, war and civil war.

Key findings include:

  • • 11 upgrades (increased risk ratings), including Argentina, Egypt and Jordan. Lingering after-effects of the Arab Spring on regional security and stability remain evident. The Middle East is the most unstable region, with 64% of its countries attaining high or severe risk ratings, reflecting terrorism, unrest and conflict risks.
  • • 19 downgrades (decreased risk ratings), including Germany, Italy and the UK.
  • • 44% of countries measured have an identifiable threat of terrorism, with the worst affected being Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Thailand and Yemen.
  • • Europe has the most positive regional outlook, with 47% of the countries with lowered risk ratings this year. This reflects receding civil unrest associated with the financial and economic crises. Limited incidents of terrorism outside of Greece and Northern Ireland also accounted for lowered risk scores.
  • • The Middle East and North Africa region witnessed the highest proportion of countries with a terrorism and sabotage peril, at 85%.

Source: Aon plc.

This information appeared in the US IntelliConnect HR Tracker 16 May 2013.

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