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Textbook Companions

There are currently no Textbook Companions available.

CCH online Textbook Companions are online modules designed for use with CCH Student Textbooks. There are two types:

  1. Unrestricted. These can be viewed by anyone without registering a username and password.

  2. Restricted. Access is available only to lecturers who have registered a username and password, who have prescribed the related textbook for their course as a student text and have been authorised by a CCH Academic Account Manager to do so. Lecturers may also be authorised by CCH Academic Account Managers to give their students access to relevant Textbook Companions on a selective basis.

Restricted Textbook Companions are available for limited trial periods to those lecturers who are eligible for a free desk copy of a CCH student textbook.

To request a desk copy of a CCH textbook, or to contact a CCH Academic Account Manager, please click here.

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